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Product: C-NAG™

"Hello my name is Jacquie, I’m 54 years old and have suffered with stomach pain, cramping and restroom issues as long as I can remember. I had a 26 cm tumour in my belly removed in 2013. After the surgery I thought I would finally feel better, not so, issues came up almost immediately, same pain, bloating and cramping."

In May 2018 I was diagnosed as a celiac, I immediately cut out gluten and initially started feeling better, my acute pain went away but I continued with bloating and pain. I couldn’t even ride my bike because the motion of pedalling hurt my stomach, walking over uneven ground hurt my stomach. I was becoming depressed because I thought the celiac diagnosis was the cure. One evening on my way to a night shift I heard a radio program on C-nag, it said it could be helpful to celiacs. I thought since it’s a natural product I think I’ll try it.

It’s been 3 weeks and I have never felt better, my bloating and constant pain are gone!!

My restroom issues are cured, I am truly amazed at the results. I’m riding my bike daily, have more energy, my stomach growls now and I feel hunger. I also ordered the vitamin and fish oil supplements which were automatically priced cheaper because of my C-nag purchase. I found this very customer friendly.

"Thank you for this great product, I booked a cruise for next year because I know I’ll still be around."

Maple Ridge, BC
November 2018

Product: C-NAG™


My name is Roy and I was diagnosed with Diverticulitis over 13 years ago. I have been in emergency rooms many more times than I can remember for my condition over the years. My longest stay in the hospital was 7 days. My outbreaks on average were about 3 times a year. I was treated with very strong antibiotics for 10 - 14 days on most occassions. Although I did find that the antibiotics worked, it would often take weeks and sometimes months for my stomach, bowels and digestion to feel somewhat normal again.

In July 2014 I went for another routine colonoscopy. At that time the surgeon did an initial examination in his office prior to surgery. When he pushed on my left side, I almost came off the exam table. He informed me that my condition was extreme and that based on how inflamed and tender my side was indicated to him that I would require surgery to resection my bowel.

We proceeded to do a colonoscopy the following week and afterwards his suggestion was to have 8 inches of my sigmoid colon removed. He had to remove a polyp as well and sent it away to test for cancer which thankfully came back negative.

He told me that my condition was now very bad and that his concern was that my bowel would rupture and I would require emergency surgery. He also told me that there was no other option for me and that there were no natural remedies for my condition.

After speaking with a friend who is retired surgeon and getting my doctors opinion as well as doing more research, we decided against surgery.  Concerned about the consequences of this surgery, I decided to decline the surgery and search for a natural solution.

The initial surgeon recommended another colonoscopy in 12 months and informed me that if I ended up in the hospital again, the only option would be emergency surgery.

Over the next year I tried everything from pro-biotics to high fiber diets. I tried removing meat and gluten, took numerous natural supplements and tried to remove sugar and soda from my diet as well as trying to eat more natural unprocessed foods.

All this was to no avail and although I had a small improvement, it was clear to my family, doctors and surgeon that my condition was very serious and not improving. I also ended up in the hospital 3 times over this year and was released the same day with antibiotics.

Thinking that surgery was the only option available to me, we decided to have the follow up colonoscopy with a specialist from Vancouver BC. It took us months to get a referral and appt with this surgeon. The appt was scheduled for Oct 2015.

In June 2015, my wife found information about C-Nag and we decided to order your product. The order arrived quickly and in Mid June 2015 I began taking 1 capsule twice a day. The first month was rough for me, as I didn't notice any improvement and often felt hopeless, beginning to accept the fact that I would require surgery.

After 1 month, I began to notice changes. Less inflammation in my body, less stomach aches, more appetite, less bathroom visits during the night, far less tenderness in my side and more energy. Within 2 months I began to have what I now know to be normal bowel movements. By 3 months I was getting anxious to see the new surgeon as I felt that for the first time in years, I was beginning to heal.

I went for my appt with a top specialist in Vancouver in Oct 2015. After a lengthy discussion about my condition, he decided to keep me awake during the colonoscopy. Although there was still some evidence of my condition, the surgeon said that it appeared that my body was beginning to heal and that in his opinion he would not recommend surgery. He told me that I should continue doing whatever it was that I was doing to heal myself and has recommended a follow up colonoscopy in 5 years.

It has now been 6 months of taking 1 C-Nag twice per day, without fail. I have not had a single outbreak of Diverticulitis in this time, and my bowel movements are normal. I have no more pain in my side and for the first time in over 13 years, I feel that I have my life back.

I can not begin to thank you enough for this life changing product. Without C-Nag, I am confident that I would have already had surgery. Your product changed my life for the better and my family and I will always be thankful to you.

I would highly recommend your product to anyone suffering as I did with Diverticulitis. It has changed my life for the better.

Roy B.
Williams Lake, BC
December 2015

Product: Vision Boost

"During a routine eye exam about a year ago my doctor mentioned I had drusen and that they could be a forerunner of macular degeneration. I felt instant panic...he also mentioned that there is some thought that lutein may stop the progression."

"I looked up both the druesen and lutein when I came home. It was more calming to know I may never progress and that my macula is healthy but I wanted to do something! I tried a number of formulas with lutein and they all upset my stomach. Most had added vitamins that I did not feel I needed as well."

"I searched the web and found Vision Boost and have been taking it twice a day ever since. No stomach upset! No progression this year...I will never know the role lutein is playing in prevention but I feel good to be doing something active."

"I also saw a recent article that found that anti oxidents did not seem to play a role in stopping the progression so it puzzles me that so many formulas still include them anyway..all of the studies are done with folks who already have macular degeneration but I feel like there is no harm taking action now and hoping it never becomes macular degeneration."

California, USA
October 2015